General Terms & Conditions

Real Escape KG is operated under the name RealEscape.Wien and offers room escape games, also called Live Escape Games and real-life escape the room games. Real Escape KG also offers workshop and assessment services.


  1. By entering the premises of Real Escape KG and by using the assessment, workshop, or game rooms the visitor accepts the terms and conditions that are stated in this document.
  2. A paid reservation gives the visitor and his/her game partners the right to use the booked rooms during the agreed upon time. Game rooms can only be used after booking an appointment in advance.
  3. The equipment, facilities, installations and mechanisms of Real Escape KG can only be used at the customer’s own risk. The customer is obligated to ensure his/her own safety by using the provided safety equipment and by carefully following instructions provided by mandatory signs, or workshop or given by the game master or mentioned during briefing.
  4. Children (Persons under the age of 14) and persons with intellectual disability are granted entry only when chaperoned by an accompanying adult.  This companion effectively accepts liability for the person(s) they are escorting. When visiting with a group of children and/or persons with intellectual disability, a supervising adult has to be identified before the game can begin. This adult will be responsible for supervising the children or intellectually disabled persons, and in particular, for ensuring their safety and the integrity of the Real Escape facilities and equipment.
  5. It is not permitted to use the facilities or equipment for purposes that they were not intended for or to stray from the path designated by the game creators.
  6. The use of personal items and objects, in particular photo and video cameras, keys, tools of all kinds, picks and devices with Internet access in the game rooms is prohibited. Film and photo recordings require the approval of the management or of an authorized representative of Real Escape KG.
  7. Real Escape KG is not liable for damages/harm suffered in the game rooms. Complaints must be made to the management before leaving the premises. Claims at a later date will not be accepted.
  8. Real Escape KG is not liable for any loss, theft, or damage of personal items caused by external forces.
  9. Any person who harasses other customers, misuses the equipment, facilities, installations and mechanisms of Real Escape KG, enters game rooms without authorization, does not follow instructions of the game master or disregards mandatory signs and disrupts the peace in any way, will be removed from the premises without being compensated their entry or participation fee or voucher. The management is entitled to exercise all rights granted by the GTC. If necessary, legal action will be taken by Real Escape KG.
  10. The customer is obligated to compensate for all damages that he/she intentionally caused, especially those in connection with the behavior described in section 9 of the General Terms and Conditions. Accompanying persons are responsible for the damage caused by children and / or persons with intellectual disabilities, as in accordance with section 3 of the General Terms and Conditions.
  11. Smoking, vaping and any use of open flame on the premises are strictly prohibited.
  12. Carrying of dangerous objects that could cause bodily harm, such as firearms or stabbing and cutting weapons is strictly prohibited.
  13. Persons suffering from a serious illness (e.g. heart disease, epilepsy) or severe forms of phobias (e.g. claustrophobia, acarophobia, arachnophobia, herpetophobia, nyctophobia, phonophobia, photophobia, spectrophobia, hoplophobia) as well as persons who fear that their state might deteriorate while using the game rooms, are asked to explicitly notify the game master and to inform us in advance of possible aid or assistance that we could provide in the event of an episode.
  14. Persons with hearing impairment, visual impairment, speech impairment, as well as persons with walking difficulties and persons requiring the use of a wheelchair can specify their needs when scheduling an appointment. A barrier-free access is not available due to the layout of the building, however the Real Escape KG team is eager to facilitate access for persons with special needs when possible.
  15. Persons under the influence of alcohol or other psychoactive substances are strictly prohibited from accessing the game rooms.
  16. In the case of purchase of vouchers or other documents, also in digital form, which represent a claim to a service from the Real Escape KG via other suppliers/distribution channels/platforms/, the terms and conditions of the respective distribution channels/platforms/shops apply to the said purchase.
  17. A reservation can be cancelled 48 or more hours in advance of the appointment by either Real Escape KG, or by the Customer/visitor. In the case of cancellation by the customer/visitor within 48 hours before the scheduled appointment, no money will be refunded.
  18. The validity period of vouchers or discount vouchers varies, expiration date can be found on the coupons or discount certificates themselves. The validity period of vouchers or discount vouchers is not extendable.
  19. Real Escape KG is committed to respecting the personal rights of all natural persons who visit its homepage. The data collected through the homepage is primarily used to improve the customers online experience and secondly to improve the general activities of our company. You will only receive a newsletter from Real Escape KG. You may unsubscribe at anytime. Should problems occur, please contact our Customer Service Department at It may occur, that you will receive other contributions from us besides the requested newsletter. However, these materials will be purely informative and not advertising material.
  20. The collected data will be treated in accordance with all relevant regulations and will not be passed on to third parties. As a natural person you have the right to alter any personal data that is stored by us and is related to you, or to request Real Escape KG to delete such data. If you have any questions, that were not answered on the homepage in the privacy section, please contact
  21. This website is protected by copyright and is subject to change. Photos, illustrations and texts are subject to copyright and may not be used without prior written permission. Liability for links or their contents will not be accepted.
  22. Disclaimer: Despite careful examination of the brochures, flyers, advertising texts and other informational and advertising material, a possibility of error can not be excluded and no guarantee can be given for the correctness, completeness and currentness of the data. This also applies to the content published by us, in particular to the coupon and discount campaigns on other websites, such as and Liability of Real Escape KG is thus excluded.
  23. The company language is German and language of the GTC is English and German. Area of jurisdiction is Vienna.