What is a Real Escape game?

We like to call it “mental entertainment”. Also known as escape room or Live Escape Adventure. Your team is locked in one or more rooms, and to make your escape you will have to discover hidden compartments, crack locks and solve various logical and mechanical puzzles. These adventures are presented as stories, complete with their own themes and missions where you are the main hero. Here, physical strength is not necessary, what you will need instead is teamwork and logical thinking.

Booking and Payment.

To reserve a game for your team, please choose and book an available time under BOOKING. Payment will be made upon arrival (If you do not have enough cash, there are two ATMs around the corner).

Booking modification or cancellation.

You can reschedule or cancel your reservation by calling us at +436605416134. Please note that this has to be done at least 6 hours before your appointment. If you know in advance that you will not be able to play, then you can instead send an email to info@realescape.wien. For a successful cancellation you will need to receive from us a reply/ confirmation of your request.

Should your team not arrive for your scheduled appointment and not cancel on time, you will be charged a cancellation fee in the amount of 50% of the games price.

Spontaneous Appointments.

If you spontaneously want to play a game or you cannot find a desired date in our calendar then please, simply call us on +436605416134 and we will try to find a suitable solution.

Gift cards and Vouchers.

At the moment RealEscape.Wien vouchers are only available for purchase on location. We are available by appointment and kindly ask for you to contact us in advance by phone or E-Mail. The vouchers do not have a Euro denotation, they are sold specifically for a particular game (i.e. White Room voucher).

Your voucher is about to expire? Send us a short E-Mail at info@realescape.wien and include all relevant information. We will process your request as soon as possible and extend your voucher.

More players than the room description recommends.

This is only possible with the POLICE STATION room. 4 to 6 people is the optimal number of players for this game, however you may use a seventh player if you wish. It may just get a little crowded.

What languages do I have to know?

English or German. You have to understand at least one of these languages, as our game master will give you hints over the radio. The rooms themselves contain relatively few language-based riddles.

How old does one have to be?

When you click on the desired game, you will see the minimum age requirement for each room. If one or two members of your team are between 12 and 16 they will still be allowed to participate together with the rest of the group (for example with parents). This is only true for the mission POLICE STATION.

To play the games CHAINED and CLAUSTROPHOBIA, both team members are required to be of appropriate age. An exception can be made if a person younger than 18, but older than 16 wishes to play together with a parent.

Game duration.

The game itself takes 60 minutes or less, but please expect for your visit to take at least 1.5 hours. Please arrive punctually at the agreed upon time.


We try to make all our riddles challenging, but ultimately solvable. As a result, the level of difficulty can be perceived very differently by various players.

Opening hours.

You can find all available dates and times under BOOKING. We are, however, also flexible and work by appointment. If you can only play at a certain time and cannot find a suitable date then just call us at +436605416134.

If you become stuck during the game.

The game master observes with the help of video surveillance and will give you hints should you need them. At RealEscape.Wien, the number of hints is not limited.

Are you really locked in?

Yes, but have no fear. So called emergency keys or panic buttons are installed in every room. You can stop the game and leave the premises at any time, even without the help of the game master.


Smartphones can only be brought into the room in urgent cases. For example, if you are expecting an important phone call. Just like any other items you bring along into the room, smartphones can not be used to help you progress in your mission.

For whom are escape games not recommended.

For people uninterested in puzzles, children under 12 years of age, people suffering from epilepsy, claustrophobia, panic attacks and the like.

Physically and mentally handicapped.

In such cases, it is important for us to find a personal approach, please call us at +436605416134 before you book your appointment.